Hemorrhoid Treatment

There I was, 17 years old, with my pants down bent over the doctors table. It didn’t help any that the nurse was standing next to the doctor as he did his rectal exam. You just can’t make stories like this up. The hemorrhoid treatment comes at the end of this story, so hang on to your seat. Literally.

I had been standing in the shower cleaning myself and felt what felt like a worm or a piece of intestine sticking out of my butt. This is not the experience I was planning on having that day. It was one of the first things that had ever gone wrong with my body, and it literally scared the crud out of me.

I was worried it was cancer, or god knows what. I had thought that hemorrhoids were something old people got, and had no idea what it was.

After the doctor stuck his finger inside my rear end, with his nurse watching for no apparent purpose other than embarrassing me, he sat down with me and explained what it was and what gave me a comparison of the different medical hemorrhoid treatments.

He told me that this thing bulging out of the side of my rectum is what is called a hemorrhoid. He explained that the treatment options consisted of surgical removal, or doing nothing.

Neither one of these was acceptable to me. If I knew then what I know now, I would have done research on the various types of natural hemorrhoid treatments. I ended up doing nothing, and very slowly, over a long period of time the hemorrhoid decreased in size.

What I found out over that was that hemorrhoids are actually bulging veins. There are many conditions that are often confused with hemorrhoids. A vein has multiple layers that keep it at its normal size. Every part of the body needs blood, and your rectal area is no different.

Let’s say after that I had an interest in these bulging veins. What happens in many cases is that the person is straining to get their bowel movement out. That straining while you are sitting on the toilet causes increased pressure of the blood vessels, at the exact same time there is pressure from the stool passing out. Any flexible item, including a blood vessel, if put under enough pressure, can expand beyond its ability to expand and stretch out. These stretched out blood vessels are called hemorrhoids. If that hemorrhoid breaks it can bleed. What could be scarier than  looking down into your toilet and seeing blood.

The solution offered to me was surgery. Although hemorrhoid surgery has a generally very positive outlook, it still was not something that I was looking forward to.

Hemorrhoidopexy A common method of this is the STARR method which involves stapling parts of the hemoroid tissue which have become stretched and are bulging out. After watching the videos on the subject, it involves inserting a device into the rectum involving  series of stiches, followed by a number of staples, and removal of some of the tissue. The staples apparently are left in after the procedure. For me personally, this is a procedure I would want to avoid if possible. I am sure for some people this may be a fantastic thing in more serious conditions.

Another on of the surgical options includes a hemorrhoidectomy where they go in with a knife or other implement, and cut around and cut out the hemorrhoid tissue. This procedure is generally done under full blown anesthesia, with all of its associated problems.

Hemorrhoid banding, otherwise known as rubber band ligation is hardly what I would even call a surgical procedure. If I had a new hemorrhoid, and the natural methods did not work, I would personally opt for this option if it was available to me, and the doctor thought it would work. Simply put, the doctor puts a rubber band around the hemoroid, which I can imagine might hurt a little for a while. The nice part is that the doctor never needs to do any cutting. The idea is that if the rubber band sits around the hemoroid for a while, it is going to cut off the blood supply, the hemoroid tissue dies, remember it is a normal part of your body that has just stretched out and gotten too big, and then it falls off.

There are numerous home treatments available, but to be honest after reading through them, none of them gave me enough confidence to write about them here. The only ones that made sense, were the ones that improved feces movement in the body, and hence helped with constipation.

Fresh fruits and fresh fruit smoothies has always worked well for me in this direction.

Now, to go deeper into the subject of constipation and how it effects hemoroids.

When you are constipated most people strain harder to get the icky stuff out when you go to the bathroom. You can imagine what that type of straining does to a hemorrhoid.

Natural treatment of hemorrhoids often consists of good hydration, and eating a diet high in fiber. The fiber helps to decrease the constipation, and as a result, decreases the amount of straining that the person does.

What is uncommonly known is that hemorrhoids are actually a normal anatomical structure. Hemorrhoids are small areas called sinuses which exist to cushion the poop as it passes down the anal canal. They only become a problem when they bulge out further than normal. The bulging can be internal, where it can be caught by the feces and bleed. The bulging can also extend out of the body, in which case it is very obvious by feel or by visual inspection.

Today spent the day in the offices of the owners of Venepro and learned a ton about their product. It was fascinating to hear the story of what they went through to create the product. It was initially formulated by a Naturopath, who came up with the homeopathic portion, and a biochemist who came up with the constipation relief portion of the formula.

I took a look at the ingredients, but before I wrote about this, I went online to see what the reviews said. To be honest, I really feel that the best way to evaluate a product these days is to see what large numbers of people say about it.

The reviews on Venapro, really spoke for themselves.

One of the users, for obvious reasons liked the product. She said, “don’t have to apply anything to or around the rectum” Another reviewer said, “after suffering IBS from 15 years , for the first time I am feeling normal”

In total on Amazon, there are 19 four and five star reviews, and 4 one star review. It was funny that one of the bad reviews on the product complained that it has fiber in it to relieve constipation, which is actually one of the best things one can do for constipation. LOL

I took a good look through the ingredients of the two products. One of them is obviously a homeopathic formulation, and the other one is a series of herbs and vitamins. The herbs involved are a formulation of  things like Oat Straw and Bilberry.

Billberry is interesting because it is a very common in Europe, but since it transports so poorly, is rarely found in the U.S.

I am very excited to hear about your results with Venapro for hemorrhoids. Please send me a message so I can hear your story if you have used it.

From everything I can see in the product this looks like a very safe treatment to try. The concept of decreasing constipation to help treat these bulging anal veins makes a lot of sense to me. As to the homeopathic treatment, in my mind the jury is still out. I have learned over the decades not to be too judgmental about things I don’t understand. Millions of people worldwide use Homeopathic treatments for everything from coughs, to constipation. I have a feeling there is something to it, but it is not something that modern science can pick up on very easily. The wonderful thing about every homeopathic remedy I have ever evaluated is that they are safe. If something is safe and does no harm, and might help, I am definitely going to go that route before I try surgery or heavy pharmaceuticals.

And like the nice lady said, you don’t have to wipe it on your own butt!

If you do try this stuff, please let me know about it.